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Michael Keane - AJAR-tec Ltd.

AJAR-tec have gained over 50 years’ experience in the technology industry working with leading edge technologies on a daily basis, and have become established experts in digital and IP solutions of small and enterprise capabilities and are head quartered in West London.

“We attended the event for the first time last year and I believed this would be a great way to promote our business services to expand our footprint across the airport. Registration was straight forward and easy to do, I secured 6 pre-booked appointments with buyers. The event day itself was interesting and a good insight into the number of companies competing for business at Heathrow.”

In between appointments, Michael networked with other SMEs and exhibitors, and also attended the UK Trade and Investment Hub truck to learn more about the supporting opportunities with UKTI. AJAR-tec have been on Heathrow’s supply chain for 4 years, working directly for Heathrow, also with Computacenter, JCDecaux, Capgemini, Atkins and SITA also previously NG Bailey. After the event all follow up was undertaken by Michael.
“We have been very fortunate with new business won with SITA on a support services contract, further new business won with Capgemini. The works include consultancy works, supply of hardware and software, maintenance and support services. It has been very significant for us, as it has given us new business in smaller consecutive projects as well as support contracts. We understand that everything is about the passenger experience and servicing the Airlines. We want to remain part of the Heathrow ecosystem for as long as we possibly can in the future.”

AJAR-tec have 30 full time employees that scales upwards to 150 as and when their projects require.

“Go with an open mind. It may be more of an intelligence gathering exercise rather than going home at the end of the day with new business. The intelligence is valuable as you can pursue this in the best way possible post event.”

Adrian Duffy, Manager - Technical Division, Cavendish Professionals

Cavendish Professionals is multidisciplinary recruitment company specialising in contract and permanent staffing for the construction and engineering sector based in Hammersmith, employing a team of 25.

“Last year was our first experience of attending the Heathrow Business Summit. The whole booking process was very smooth, registering, selecting and being allocated our pre-booked appointments. Our marketing department was quite busy leading up to the event, as we wanted to put together some branded items to leave with everyone.”

Adrian had eight appointments confirmed before the event so was able to research the buyers and fully prepare to meet them. On the day of the event, Adrian took advantage of the spare appointments board to pick-up extra appointments in between attending the workshops and networking opportunities.

“As you do, we followed up with every company we met. We are happy that we are still in contact with at least 3 of them and we are now contracted to Dyer & Butler as one of their preferred suppliers. A great result for us! We have employed 2 more staff member to focus more on the UK market – including the Dyer & Butler contract and we are in the process of securing 2 more UK contracts as we are able to evidence our UK experience more as we are working with more UK clients.”

Cavendish Professionals are now a member of the ‘Preferred Suppliers List’ for recruitment agencies working for Dyer & Butler. They help them find permanent engineering and construction staffing for the projects and Heathrow Airport, as well as their road and rail maintenance and upgrade projects across the UK. Adrian share’s his advice for other SMEs considering attending the Business Summit.

“Be prepared to present your company as best you can. This is a real chance to sit down, face to face with companies that you want to work with and a golden opportunity to get your company noticed. Think about why they should be doing business with you and what you have to offer. Be ready to delivery 8-10 sales pitches in short succession.”

James Warwick, Business Development Manager - Eton Travel Group

Eton Travel Group, is a full-service corporate travel management company that specialises in providing “high-touch” bespoke services to companies large and small.

With offices in Eton and Wokingham, they have specialised divisions of which include; Corporate Travel, Group Travel, Meetings & Events, Entertainment Travel and Leisure Travel. James Warwick, Business Development Manager first attended the Heathrow Business Summit in 2014 and has been a keen follower ever since.

“When we first heard about the Heathrow Business Summit we were excited about the opportunity of meeting businesses from a networking perspective. The registration was a user-friendly experience and provided visibility of the attending businesses. This in-turn enabled target marketing to be conducted in order to identify prospective companies with possible business travel requirements.”

“The event was organised extremely proficiently from the pre-registration of appointments, to enabling every minute to be utilised by additional appointment slots being available throughout the day. We engaged with fellow SMEs as well as numerous multi-nationals and global brands who were present as well as the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and UK Trade and Investment.”

Since their visit Eton Travel Group are proud to be providing their services to Aviation Business Continuity, as well as The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. They continue to converse with businesses within Heathrow’s supply chain and provide their services to any business with a desire to maximise savings and have central management of their global business travel.

“The advice we would give from a marketing and networking perspective is to initially research the companies exhibiting and target those of key importance to your business needs. Once in front of the buyers, due to the allocated time slots designed to keep the energy of the event at a maximum, ensure that you present your Unique Selling Points. Additionally, as the buyer you are meeting may not be the decision maker for your business needs, don’t be afraid to ask for a referral to the key decision maker.”

Denise Quinlan - Insightful Images

Insightful Images is a boutique business-focused photography service, based in Chiswick. This was Denise’s’ first time to the Heathrow Business Summit, having heard about the event through West London Business, Denise was keen to sign-up and promote her new business.

“On the day of the event I met some very enthusiastic procurement staff who were super helpful with where they thought I would most likely be able to get opportunities within their companies and the names of the contacts. Having selected 6 companies, I picked up an additional 5 appointments on the day, so gained a healthy 11 meeting opportunities that would otherwise have taken a huge amount of time and resource to achieve.”

In between appointments, Denise managed the rest of her time networking and building new partnerships and attended the Cyber Crime seminar courtesy of the Met Police. Denise also took up the invite to attend the Stakeholder reception with Ian Ballentine, Procurement Director at Heathrow, and Joanne Freeman, Deputy Regional Director for UKTI, which provided other opportunities to meet and talk with other delegates and UKTI representatives, as well as gain some good context and insights into life at Heathrow and beyond.

Denise met with Tom Brooks, Enterprise and Support Officer, Hounslow Borough Council and made a great impression – by successfully winning her first contract the following day to photograph the Small Business Saturday Business that took place on 20 November 2015 – only 9 days after the Business Summit!

“I’ve also been actively following up other leads from the event too. So for me the Heathrow Business Summit has been a great success and for local business all round. It’s been fabulous to see what comes of exploring different events and just getting yourself out there.

A big ‘thank you’ to the Heathrow team!”

Richard Freemantle - RL Freemantle Electrical Ltd

RL Freemantle Electrical Ltd provide cutting edge Mechanical & Electrical services, through from a design concept to total delivery, and maintenance packages through the life cycle process.

Specialising in reactive maintenance, confined space working and contract works on various projects both Landside and Airside and also externally to Heathrow Airport.

“Having met with prospective buyers and new clients at the Heathrow Business Summit, we continued to make contact with them after the event. This set up the relationship to enable us to secure future business and look at the service that we could provide to them. We were also able to meet new suppliers to Freemantle who offered competitive rates to that of some of our existing suppliers.”

Freemantle successfully secured additional business with two new clients, London Borough of Hillingdon and Connect plus Services who are working in Partnership with Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering. Freemantle have won an initial contract with Connectplus25 at Dartford Tunnel to install an automated test and reporting LED lighting system plus tender for a HV survey, a CCTV survey and new installation of a leaky feeder / antenna system that we have now been awarded.

“The experience also increased our knowledge of what we need to do to attain the next professional level and to enable us to further expand provision of our services. As Tier 2 suppliers we do have to work very hard to continue the business momentum, we have a great team behind the company and combined with continued training and development together with always looking to be more efficient ensures we always deliver a first class service to our clients. We have employed additional local electricians due to the increase in new business.”

“Working on Heathrow specific contracts means we also deliver work to very exacting and high standards, this in turn has meant we deliver the same consistently high standards with works Freemantle undertake outside of Heathrow Airport and this has impressed our external clients and led to Freemantle winning further works. Be brave, be proud and show what your company is capable of, you will be surprised who wants to know.”

RL Freemantle have since been approved as a key business at Heathrow and this year will be exhibiting their own procurement opportunities to SMEs.

Suninder Singh Rana, Membership Sales Advisor - Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group works with businesses across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Swindon to help them achieve their full business potential. We do this by offering members a range of services including business advice, networking events, training and international trade support.

“We met a wide range of new businesses and were delighted to see some of our members attending the Heathrow Business Summit in November. We recorded great results, connecting with SMEs signing up to become new members of the Chamber and are proud of our partnership with Heathrow Airport.”

New member – Driver Hire is the UK’s largest specialist transport and logistics recruitment company. Offering temporary and permanent driving jobs, non-driving work and Driver CPC training. Supplying staff to companies throughout the UK.

New member – Health In Action is an occupational health company who make it their business to ensure that businesses can keep delivering top quality service to their customers. Through excellent occupational health services, communication with the business and wellness at work programmes they work together with each business to promote health in the workplace.

New member - Rajput Traders Limited is a worldwide trading company which has a team of experts in respective fields of trade, head office in England and liaison offices in Mumbai, Pakistan, UK, USA, Nepal, Bangladesh and UAE. They trade in following business segments around the globe including sports garments and goods, traditional hot water treated high quality fruits and surgical items/kits in general surgery, dental, gynaecology, cardiac and orthopaedic surgeries.

“The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce works efficiently promoting businesses by providing professional knowledge, arranging seminars and lectures by experts and keeps members up to date in current and future opportunities either in local and or the international business of import and export. We are very grateful for their support.” Abdul Majid Qazi

Stuart Wallis - Group HR and Procurement Manager of On-Site London

Stuart Wallis, Group HR and Procurement Manager of On-Site London On-Site London is a privately owned recruitment company with 35 employees that specialises in the Construction and Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) market place. They attended the event last year to increase business opportunities with new and existing clients.

"I first heard about the Heathrow Business Summit online, and wasn't sure if it was going to be the right kind of event for us, but it turned out to be excellent for our business. We booked appointments with buyers, but also had ample opportunity to speak to other SMEs which was a fantastic networking opportunity.

Because of the Business Summit we have forged very valuable contracts with Balfour Beatty. On-site London now work with many of Balfour Beatty's 2nd tier sub-contractors supplying M&E workers. Balfour Beatty are now signatory sponsors for On-Site London to work with their own supply chain for the next 3 years. This success has all stemmed from us meeting at the Heathrow Business Summit. Through securing more work, we have been able to keep more of our employees secure in their jobs for the next few years - a major plus for us! We will definitely be returning to the Heathrow Business Summit for years to come.

My advice for businesses attending for the first time would be to prepare - do your research in advance on the buyers you will be meeting. Also, check the free slots board! You can pick up some really good appointments on the day!"

Maria Costas - Awad - MD of ImageStor

ImageStor specialises in all aspects of Document Management including scanning and web-hosted services, box supplies and off-site box storage, with offices in London and Bristol.

"We were initially contacted about the Heathrow Business Summit via email, and registered to attend with the objective of gaining new business and new clients.

On the day, we pitched to buyers at pre-booked meetings with the procurement and purchasing teams, as well as networking with other SMEs between these appointments which also generated business post the event. The new contracts won as a result of these meetings has meant we have been able to develop and grow our business; we now travel regularly from London to Scotland for business ,implemented a new credit card payment system and increased the number of clients we are doing business with. ImageStor has now grown to a team of 33 employees.

My advice to businesses attending for the first time is to; ensure the purchasing team has a need for the products/services you are selling, and after the ten minute “pitch” ensure you come away with a contact name to follow up with post the event. Follow through at frequencies suggested by the client - don’t become a nuisance and call more frequently than suggested! Finally, be patient and look forward to eventually winning the business. As all good sales people know, there is no timeline for this but continuity of service will definitely pay off in the end.

Last year ImageStor was awarded with a “Breakthrough Award” for being the fastest supplier for turning leads into actual business; this all started from the Heathrow Business Summit Event.” Maria recalls meeting Linda Ballantyne from UK Power Networks at the Heathrow Business Summit. "You only have 10 minutes to get across the best sales pitch across and make a great lasting impression. Maria applied the golden rule of selling which is to never give up! We spent quite a few months building the partnership and now we use ImageStor for fast turnaround, highly confidential files that we scan.”

Adnan Amin - Managing Director of LED Lighting

LED Lighting Dynamics Ltd is a local LED Lighting company based in Hayes, Middlesex Hayes and also has a small operation in Harefield. Adnan heard about the Business Summit via email, and thought attending could help his business break into the Heathrow market place.

Adnan first attended the Heathrow Business Summit back in 2011 and has attended every summit thereafter. Adnan says "We will be there again this year and can recommend that all small businesses that are looking for an opportunity to grow and develop do the same."

"Through the Heathrow Business Summit we secured a contract to install our LED Lighting systems in a Hillingdon Borough school with fantastic success. The contract has enabled us to break into one school in the local area; this may lead to further contracts for low energy lighting for local schools. We are now on the Hillingdon Schools and Libraries procurement list of LED Lighting suppliers and the future for LED Lighting Dynamics Ltd looks very exciting. This has all been made possible thanks to the Heathrow Business Summit which has opened up new business opportunities to help us expand our company".

Adnan advises SMEs considering going to the Heathrow Business Summit 2015, should go with an open mind and try their very best. Be professional, smart and with good command of communication. Don't get upset if you do not achieve you expectations, it’s all about trying hard and persevering.

We cannot recommend and thank the Heathrow Business Summit enough for what it has done for us and our business."


“A great opportunity to meet and engage with a number of potential clients in one day.”
Pasquale Vacirca, Director, Pasquale Vacirca Consulting Ltd (SME)

“It's a great way of meeting so many new businesses who have a need for our services and there's no other way you could have so many face to face meetings in a single day!”
Maria Costas-Awad, Director, ImageStor (SME)


“Good opportunity to meet with contacts who are normally difficult to see.”
Craig Barrack, Director, Carbon Heroes Ltd (SME)


“Opportunity to meet potential new clients and it raised our profile.”
David Marshall, Senior Consultant, MaST International Group Ltd (SME)


“Some great services that we wouldn't have normally considered have approached us.”
Paul Connolly, Head of Airport Services, APCOA Parking (Heathrow Supply Chain)

“The event is a very worthwhile day out for all concerned, supporting our client's initiative to engage with local and different suppliers and networking with a wider Airport community. We take several members of our team to this event to give them a bigger picture of the Airport and its function.”
Linda Ballantyne, PA to Head of Airports, Senior Team Co-ordinator, UK Power Network Services (Heathrow Supply Chain)